Fix for “Internet explorer has closed this webpage to help protect your computer”

Many users face issue running Oracle forms on Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) which causes the page to redirect to following url


It displays following error.

Internet explorer has closed this webpage to help protect your computer

A malfunctioning or malicious add-on has caused Internet Explorer to close this webpage.



Please note that by implementing this solution although this specific problem would be resolved, however you must understand that this IE feature is enabled by default for securing your computer and removing this may expose to vulnerabilities so kindly understand the risk before making this change. However you can always revert to original settings.

Goto Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Scroll down to Security -> Uncheck “Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks*”

Close all browser windows and restart the browser. The issue should have been fixed :-)

Edit: Alternatively you can use either of following 2 alternate solutions.

Alternate 2:

Open registry using start->Run->regedit->ok

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain

On the right hand side you will see a DWORD key called DEPOff. IF this is set to value 0, just change it to 1 and close registry editor.

Restart Internet Explorer and check if the problem has been fixed or not.

Alternate 3:

Right click on My Computer->Properties (or start->Run->sysdm.cpl->ok)

Click on “Advanced” Tab. Click on “Settings” button next to Performance.

Click on last tab “Data Execution Prevention

Select Second option and then select “Internet Explorer” from the bottom pan.

(If “Internet Explorer” is not already present there then just click on “Add” and then select “c:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe”)

Click OK and restart internet explorer. The problem should have been fixed.

Book announcement: Pro Oracle Fusion Applications – Installation and Administration

I am glad to announce the release of my book “Pro Oracle Fusion Applications“.

Check out the Free preview of the book including Table of Contents and Introduction:

Google Books Preview:

Pro Oracle Fusion Applications

This is the very first book on end to end Oracle Fusion Applications Administration and first book on Oracle Fusion from Apress Media. I am sure that this would help all aspiring Fusion application administrators, database administrators, system architects, technical consultants, and others who are involved in the technical aspects of on-premise installation and management of Oracle Fusion Applications. The book comes in softcover print edition as well as pdf, epub and mobi formats.

Pro Oracle Fusion Applications is your one-stop source for help with installing Oracle’s Fusion Applications suite in your on-premise environment. It also aids in the monitoring and ongoing administration of your Fusion environment. Author Tushar Thakker is widely known for his writings and expertise on Oracle Fusion Applications, and now he brings his accumulated wisdom to you in the form of this convenient handbook.

Provisioning an Oracle Fusion Applications infrastructure is a daunting task. You’ll have to plan a suitable topology and install the required database, an enterprise-wide identity management solution, and the applications themselves—all while working with a wide variety of people who may not always be accustomed to working together. Pro Oracle Fusion Applications provides a path to success that you won’t want to be without.

Beyond installation, Pro Oracle Fusion Applications provides excellent guidance on managing, monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting your environment. The book also covers patching, a mundane but essential task that must be done regularly to keep your installation protected and running smoothly. The comprehensive and wide-ranging coverage makes Pro Oracle Fusion Applications an important book for anyone with responsibility for installation and ongoing management of an Oracle Fusion Applications installation.

What you’ll learn

This book helps you with:

  • Planning the most suitable topology including servers, networking, and storage
  • Installing Oracle Fusion Applications including Identity Management components
  • Understanding the Applications user interface
  • Monitoring, diagnosing, troubleshooting, and patching of all components
  • Managing the Fusion Applications environment on an ongoing basis

Who this book is for

Pro Oracle Fusion Applications is aimed at application administrators, database administrators, system architects, technical consultants, and others who are involved in the technical aspects of standing up an on-premise installation of Oracle Fusion Applications.

Author: Tushar Thakker
Title: Pro Oracle Fusion Application
Paperback: 644 pages
Publisher: Apress (Springer)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1484209842
ISBN-13: 978-1484209844

The print book can be purchased from any of the following prominent websites.…/…/1484209842…/1121094340

Other regional Websites (dozens of more available):…/…/1484209842…/Pro-Oracle-Fusion-Application…/plp

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Large number of pending responses

I would like to apologize to a large number of valued blog readers whose emails and comments are still unanswered by me due to extremely hectic schedule and very limited time availability this month. I should have more breathing time from next month onwards but till then please accept my sincere apologies in responding to your emails related to issues, queries, suggestions or compliments.

Support from you all is my strength and thanks a lot for appreciating my efforts.

– Tushar

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Coming up: Applying Fusion Applications Technology Patches using FASPOT (Fusion Applications Smart Patch Orchestration Tool)

I am going to post a series of articles and video tutorials on Fusion Applications Administration. The next post in this series is applying Fusion Applications Technology Stack Patches (P4FA – Patches for Fusion Applications) using the all new FASPOT (Fusion Applications Smart Patch Orchestration Tool) Utility.

PS: In fact this is the first page on internet which mentions full form of FASPOT utility :)

Stay tuned !

– Tushar

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