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I would like to apologize to a large number of valued blog readers whose emails and comments are still unanswered by me due to extremely hectic schedule and very limited time availability this month. I should have more breathing time from next month onwards but till then please accept my sincere apologies in responding to your emails related to issues, queries, suggestions or compliments.

Support from you all is my strength and thanks a lot for appreciating my efforts.

– Tushar

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False warning “no patches will be applied during this install” during Database installation for Fusion Applications

While creating Transaction database for Oracle Fusion Applications 11g Release 9 (FA , you see following warning during Prerequisites check (preverify) phase.

After validating the patch directory, ‘/stage/FA11192/installers/database/patch’, it has been determined that no patches will be applied during this install|

Opatch Directory Validation Requires:|

(1) /stage/FA11192/installers/database/patch must be a valid DIRECTORY|

(2) /stage/FA11192/installers/database/patch must contain NO FILES, only subdirectories|

(3) Patches must be unzipped in /stage/FA11192/installers/database/patch!

You may safely ignore this warning since it detects the patch metadata file PatchSearch.xml at <REPOSITORY_LOCATION>/installers/database/patch directory. Since it expects only Directories to be present in this location, it throws this false warning but during installation, it does apply all the included patches.

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Oracle Fusion Applications released

Oracle has released Fusion Applications 11g Release 9 ( now. We will soon post the installation steps for the same. My upcoming book “Pro Oracle Fusion Applications – Installation and Administration” covers this release as well as earlier releases.

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